Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009, Update

Saturday, May 9, 2009:

Sorry, but golf and I haven't been doing much worth reporting lately. golf has been working on a "home improvement" project -- since last August! She was making strips of bargello needlepoint to use on the risers of the stairs in the house. Each has to be six-seven inches tall -- and 52 inches wide! That was a lot of stitching. As it turns out, all the stairs were a different height by a half-inch or so. So in order to finalize the materials, she needed to measure each step. Sundance and Virgie had to help.

She then just placed the completed pieces on the stairs to test to see how they would look when laced to masonite and then put in place. This is just a rough idea of their appearance when all is accomplished, but she thinks the needlepoint will add to the interior decor of the house.

However, after she finished the needlepoint work and while staying in touch with, she found out the moderator there is also a Microsoft Links (computer golf) fan, and he told her how to play on line and how to customize clothes for her players. So, OF COURSE, she had to put the red parrot/jungle shirt on her player. Naturally, I had to check it out and play a couple of holes with my female counterpart:

Here I am at the first tee at Parrot Landing Golf Course.

I realize that at this distance, the detail of the golfer's outfit is not very visible as the parrot shirt, so here are some close-ups. Can you spot the golfer's red glove and patterned shoes?

Checking her grip on her backswing:

Doing a little stretching:

golf is really having a good time playing Devil's Island, Jungle Island, and Parrot Landing.

For what it's worth, golf sent an email with the picture of Larry and her at the Byoto In Temple to the talent agency here in town (Atlanta) to "apply" for being an extra on the Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck movie that is filming in town for the next couple of months. She was called one day at work and asked if she and Larry could be extras that very afternoon, but Larry couldn't get off work so golf had to turn that down (dumb broad!). She's hoping she will get called again -- reportedly the production company is in town until July -- but that was probably her one shot at it -- and she said no! She was so surprised to be called that she didn't think to ask if it was a scene with Tom Selleck (she thinks he didn't get into town until a few days later) or if she could come without Larry, since the agent calling asked for both.

Tom Selleck was in town the following Friday, as he apparently ate dinner at Chops in Buckhead (ritzy area of town). She's been checking Ashton Kutcher's and (director) Rob Luketic's twitter posts to try to keep up with what's going on, but she hasn't found out anything specific yet about going somewhere where they are filiming so she could watch (frankly, after following those tweets for a couple of weeks, they get rather boring). Of course, working Monday-Friday doesn't give her a lot of time to go star-hunting . . . . . I've got to figure out how to hide in her purse or pocket if she does get called to be an extra.
A few Saturdays ago, golf also drove out to Douglasville, where there was a "cattle call" extras casting session. Good heavens, it took her an hour to drive there. I did go along but she made me wait in the car.

She hasn't heard anything else about this. I will, of course, promptly post an update, should she be asked to be an extra. No cameras are allowed on the set, so even if she gets there, she won't have any pictures to show off. So no pictures of me there either!!! Bummer! :-(

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