Sunday, May 17, 2009

St. Thomas, USVI, May 17, 2009

I'm here! I made it this time -- was not misdirected to St. Croix (though I do have fond memories of those margarita-debauched days on the beach without Larry and golf . . . .)

Anyhoo . . . golf was up early this morning for the final packing - due to the lost luggage LAST time, Larry was skeptical of checking any bag, but they checked only nearly empty bag for bringing back duty-free stuff -- and this time the extra bag arrived just fine.

Their rental is along the east end of St. Thomas near Red Hook and Secret Harbour (Google it). And after a safe arrival and acquiring the rental car, we arrived at our destination off Ridge Road.

Here I am on our front porch.

Once we moved inside and Larry got pictures of the place (to be posted later) before we ransacked it with our stuff, here I am on the kitchen counter as Larry unpacks the important stuff:

Then out to our deck to see the view (after a short detour to a tree in the yard):

The view from the deck:
north end

south end

another south end view

More tomorrow, after we explore a bit and find out where to snorkel!

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