Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15,2009 -- Last Fire of the Season

Just a quick note -- it's been an interesting last 30 days due to the weather here in Atlanta -- a little over three weeks ago, we had that "giant" hail; then the snow two weeks ago; one week ago golf was out on the golf course in 79 degree weather; today was 46 degrees all day and rainy and cold, so golf made the last fire of the season. Actually, she made what she THOUGHT was the last fire yesterday when the weather was the same, but then there was a repeat cold, rainy day today. So today's fire will probably be the last of the season. Yesterday the temperature in the house never got over 65 degrees, even with the fire. It must have been a little warmer today, as the fire got the temperature in the house up to 69 degrees -- which is probably the highest it's been all winter because golf won't turn the thermostat above 66 (Larry keeps sneaking to it and turning it up to -- whoo whoo -- 68!).

P.S. golf made a new Rolex GMT for me today. Whaddaya think of it?

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