Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday, July 26

Back at the office today.
What am I doing here?
And who's that guy on the desktop
behind me?

So more adventures after work! Now that we have the kingsize mattress, we need kingsize bed. golfmobile found a really good one online that both she and Larry liked at Rooms to Go. But if it was a good price there, could it possibly also be at the Rooms to Go Outlet? Or would there be something there worth considering? golfmobile had to check, since it was on the way to the retail RTG.
Okay, nothing at the outlet at all! Terrible things in terrible condition "as is." I think not. But I explored a rather attractive armoire, found a huge headboard --

And there was a headboard with wrought-iron curlicues that I couldn't resist checking out.
Thereafter, off to the retail RTG, where I found a mirror framed in geometric metal. Interesting . . . .

Alas! The bed golf and Larry wanted is on "back order." So in disappointement, I had to try to scramble up a canopy bed, to golfmobile's great chagrin. But, hey! SHE took me there.
I know what you're thinking -- what happened to the helicopter flights tonight? Well, hopefully tomorrow -- "after work." This work thing is getting really annoying. . . .

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