Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 24

Another boring day at the office -- ho-hum -- but at least I got taken somewhere after work. Golfmobile and her husband decided that they needed a new bed, so we had to go check them out. I got to ride in the other car this evening, not the Isuzu Rodeo "golfmobile." This is in Larry's Dodge Stratus coupe.

Right: Hanging from the Hawaiian shells necklace.

Left: Sitting on the dashboard

Below: Look, ma! One hand!

We went to the Original Mattress Factory, where the salesman had obviously been alone all day with no one to talk to. He was very pleasant, but he talked a LOT. I must confess that golfmobile got some very straaaaaange looks as she assisted me in testing the firmness of different mattresses.

A decision was made, a mattress purchased, and delivery scheduled for Saturday. I'll be sure to be there to help.

On the next day, Wednesday, July 25, after work, we attempted to take me for a helicopter ride with the RC Dragonflies, but unfortunately golfmobile doesn't know how to pull video on a memory stick from her camera to her computer, so I have no video for you of my airborne adventures. So we have to do it again tonight, recording on the tape, and THEN the dummy can get some video on here. Of course, one helicopter is painted to resemble TC's Island Hoppers, but it's only "representative," not a true Island Hoppers pattern.

Hang in there (no pun intended) -- video soon! But don't expect TOO much -- though I'm far from chunky, even my little weight does affect the ability of the heli to get up in the air and stay there. But I'm a tough guy, I LAUGH at crashes--hehehehehehehehehe!

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