Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Maui Report

Friday, September 18: Larry and golf are still getting up early. And here I am on the lanai of our condo waiting for them to get ready for snorkeling first.This morning, they went back to Waimea Beach, where they had explored on Wednesday but didn't go in the water. They didn't see anything here as impressive as the manta rays at Ulua; still, they enjoyed it, though they are beginning to conclude that the number of fish are greatly reduced, compared to what they used to see around Maui and on the Big Island. They are seeing virtually NO yellow tangs or Moorish idols. These cut little yellow tangs

( Moorish idol below)
used to be so prolific, you got tired of seeing the schools of them swim by. Where have they all gone??? Now they are seeing convict tangs, instead, and not even huge schools of them.

They are used to seeing the convict tangs around St. Thomas (along with blue tangs and brown tangs) but not in Hawaii.

Anyway, here I am on Waimea Beach.

After snorkeling, they decided to go way north past Wailuku and play at the Waiehu Muni golf course. They had played here once before, when they were on Maui in October 2004, and it was VERY windy. They got there earlier than they expected, so they stopped at the beach park just north of the course.

Waiehu was still as windy, but not as crowded as it had been when they played it before. Here I am in the cart on the first tee.

This is golf, swinging hard to drive off the tee into the wind.

She stopped at the top of a hill to get a picture of me with the ocean in the background, but the wind was so strong, it kept blowing me off the fence before she could get me placed and the picture snapped!
Again, she's repeating her thing about putting me in trees . . . . . but I really don't object to this one. This is one unusual tree!
And she keeps posing me with her Himalayan cat driver club cover -- named Kia after a sealpoint Himmie she had from 1976 till 1990.

After golf, Larry grilled a steak for them and then they went down to watch the sunset at Keakapaku Beach Park, which was across the street from our condo at Maui Hill (right in front of the Days Inn, which used to be the Best Western, where they stayed one night in 2004, and where they snorkeled then and saw all the things they haven't seen this time!) Watching the sun set . . . . .
Larry took a picture of golf taking a picture of me.
And Larry got a picture of Larry walking along the lava rocks on the shore.

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