Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Saturday, September 29:

Since apparently snorkeling was so disappointing around Kihei, Larry and golf decided to go north again this morning, this time up around and past Lahaina and Kapalua, attempting to find Honolua Bay, which is recommended in the guide books as a good place to snorkel, but hard to find. They went as far as Honokohau Bay before they figured they had actually passed it. Went too far back south to D. T. Bleming Beach Park, where there was some kind of canoeing race going on, so it was crowded, headed back north and finally found the stairway going down to Honolua. But the water was WAY too rough for swimming, much less snorkeling. So they gave up and went back to Kaanapali Parkway and parked at the beach access underground parking for Black Rock. That was really crowded (not the parking -- the beach), and hoards of kids were leaping off the rock into the pathway of snorkelers trying to view the fish! This was not conducive to snorkeling around the area for the obvious reason of risking getting landed on by the kids leaping into the water and then the fish aren't likely to be hanging around where big objects are leaping into the water. So they paddled out past that distraction and explored around the rocks there. Still no yellow tang or Moorish idols (well, later Larry said he saw a couple of each but golf never did) BUT they DID see TWO spotted eagle rays, swimming together with the smaller one under the larger one, as in mother protecting youngster. They have NO knowledge that this might be the case, but it was lovely to see! (Again, not their picture, but here's a spotted eagle ray so you can see what they saw.)

Oddly enough, they didn't take any pictures during this foray north!
When they got back to the condo, the travel time on Tuesday and the excited going-going-going for the next three days caught up with them, and they crashed. They didn't have the energy to do anything much. Larry started browsing some of their tourist magazines and found the Pacific Whale Organization boat trip for snorkeling to Molokini and Lana'i for less than some of the usual tourist boat trips, plus the proceeds go to the Whale Organization and benefit the Pacific environs and sea life. So he booked them a trip for Sunday.
One more sunset at the Keakawapaku Beach park . . . .

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