Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday, August 9

I know what you're thinking and you're right: Things have been deadly dull lately! I haven't been anywhere noteworthy, and it's very boring hanging around golfmobile's office. I try entertaining myself, hiding from her; visiting with her bettas, George and Pike; or chatting with some of the "girls" at her office (the one in the red sweater reminds me of Cynthia Farrell [Dana Delaney], my attorney friend in L.A. -- or Dana Scully. Hmmm, interesting "Dana" coincidence . . . . )

At home, golf has been working on the intro video for "magnum, g.i.," but Higgins hasn't returned from his travels and T.C. is off in his helicopter on some charter or other, Rick is unavailable, so until we have more of the gang on site, we can't finish the video.

Think I'll just go rest in the hammock for a while. If things are going to be this quiet, I'd rather be experiencing such boredom in paradise -- Atlanta is miserable with 100-degree heat right now. I miss ocean breezes, the surf-ski, the Ferrari, the ocean, and almost miss "the lads." And I wouldn't object to a few rainy days -- if I were in paradise.

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