Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Moving Furniture

golfmobile and Larry have been occupied, to the detriment of my entertainment, by moving furniture. Since they bought the new mattress, they had to have it delivered. I think I mentioned that the actual bed they wanted wasn't available? Or maybe not. Anyway, the new kingsize mattress and box springs were delivered, but they were just put downstairs until the queensize bed upstairs could be moved. As it turns out, when Larry went "on the hunt" after golf's failure to find the bed they wanted "in inventory," Larry actually DID find what they wanted for a new kingsize bed and bought it, and it is to be delivered Saturday. Therefore, they had to disassemble the current half-tester queensize bed (a MAJOR task, trust me -- that's the bed, with red taffeta bed hangings, shown in the picture above left) and then move the kingsize mattress and box springs upstairs.

A kingsize mattress is VERY difficult to move up two flights of stairs when there are only two people trying to do it and one of those people is 5' 3" and weighs only 119 lbs.! golf was unable to get pictures of my assisting with the transfer of the mattress from downstairs to upstairs due to the fact that her hands were a bit full, wrestling with the mattress. But the new mattress and box springs are currently in place in the master bedroom, awaiting the delivery of the bed itself. However, once the matress and box springs were in place, I plopped down on the bed to check its comfort -- and I deem it satisfactory.

So at home, we await the arrival of the new four poster bed -- pictures to be added Saturday when it is delivered!

In the meantime, golfmobile needed a new chair at her office -- hers broke. However, if anyone ELSE at the office had needed a new chair, one simply would have been ordered and delivered. golf had to go GET her own! Well, of course, she couldn't do it without MY assistance, so she took me to the office furniture place this afternoon, where I assisted her with loading her new chair into her car (the "golfmobile," of course).

Then when we arrived back at her office building, I again offered my services in assisting her with the unloading the chair from her SUV:

and moving it from the SUV to the freight elevator.

golf is now happy in her office with her new chair -- with a new bed and a new chair at the office, hopefully she will stop whining about backaches.

In the meantime, I need to find something to do while we are waiting for the new bed. I have been keeping myself occupied in acquiring some clothes and equipment -- all to be revealed at the proper time and place. But it may be a few days before I can get everything in order.

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