Monday, April 5, 2010

Larry Has His Own Version of MGI

I don't know if I have ever talked about Sundance and his propensity to retrieve . . . cat toys. We started noticing this as he would bat various toys to the bottom of the stairs and then pick them up in his mouth and bring them up to us, to show us his great "hunting" skills (really easy when they're already "dead"!). We then started giving him different toys to see just what he would retrieve. From the little rabbit-fur-covered one-inch mice, we advanced to larger toys and eventually even covered an empty toilet paper cardboard tube with rabbit fur -- oh! his new favorite to retrieve! Then a little toy teddy bear that golf had amputated the arms and legs off of for some project or other -- ta-da! new, NEW favorite (Larry pointed out how easy it was to "kill" and tote a quadruple amputee!). Okay, a little more weight: a beanie Furby Baby. No problem for this Great Colorpoint Hunter. The rabbit fur toilet paper tube was such a favorite, golf decided Sundance needed more of a challenge, so she covered a paper towel cardboard tube with rabbit fur. No problemo!

When searching for something else on eBay, golf found that Ty made beanie babies in the form of little cats, so if Sundance is retrieving a Furby Baby beanie, he could retrieve a Ty beanie, right? Unfortunately, golf knew nothing about Beanies Babies, so when she bought a supposedly Himalayan beanie, it was 14" long and a little large for Sundance to retrieve -- at least to this point in time, he has shown no interest in doing such. In the meantime, Larry started moving the Himmie beanie around to different places around the house where the cats hang out. AHA! Larry has his own prop to move around. golf can't WAIT to take me AND the beanie Himmie on vacation for pictures! Hey, it WAS Larry's idea to move the little critter around . . . .

First, however, here I am with Himmie Beanie (HB):

I think you can see that his size might make it a bit intimidating for Sundance to tote him around in his mouth.
Sundance's first exposure to HB -- obviously not very pleased that HB is encroaching on HIS space on the back of the loveseat!

Still a little testy on the kitty condo. Though Sundance is not overly aggressive to this, in effect, stuffed animal, he still needs to check out just WHO this is in his territory.

"Okay, I can tolerate him here for now."

"Uhhhhh, golf, . . . . what is this and what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Okay, if he'll just sit there, I may accept a limited co-existence."

"As long as it doesn't interfere with or interrupt my naps . . . . . "

(big, resigned sigh . . . .)
So, now, if Larry is enjoying moving HB around the house to tickle golf's funny bone as to where he places him where the cats are usually seen. Okay, this is the first step toward "posing" addiction. Once you start putting something . . . somewhere and thinking the placement is really cute and clever, you're a sick puppe and THEN you start taking it on vacation -- you're either a slight eccentric who doesn't care what anyone thinks -- or a total nutcase . . . .
Now I have to live with TWO nutcases???? :-o!!!

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