Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19 -- New Tapestry

Yes, it's been a long time since I posted anything, but I haven't done anything much or gone anywhere (Helloooooooo, GOLF! It's time to plan the next vacation!!!!!), so I haven't had a lot to say. The potential explanation for same is below.

Remember the bargello needlepoint risers golf posted pictures of last July? Well, she enjoyed doing that needlepoint so much that she decided to embark on another bargello needlepoint project (at the suggestion of her older sister). She was going to make a large "tapestry" wall hanging for the 20-foot entry/foyer of our house. She ordered the needlepoint canvas and figured it would probably be a year-long project -- or more. Ha! Notice the date: She finished it seven months later! It's 3' x 6' -- ye gads, that's really big! She spent the past couple of weekends figuring out how to get it up on the wall -- it's about 15' up the wall. Getting it in place was not easy. I won't even GO into the details of how she had to bungee-cord herself to the top of the ladder when it was nearly vertical, just so she could use both hands to mark the wall while holding a level tool . . . . . However, here is the tapestry in place! The pineapple quilt beside it was made by golf's 88-year-old mother (because she loves making quilts and Larry loves pineapples, in memory of all their Hawaii vacations. He wanted golf to make a pineapple needlepoint piece, but she couldn't figure out a pattern for that -- yet!).

First, a picture of the two pieces in place -- this picture may show some proportion to the height of the entryhall.

Here is a picture "straight on" to show a little more detail and a better view without distortion. If you like examining for detail, you will notice that the pattern is rather "checkerboard," with "four-way" bargello squares every other square ("four-way" means the pattern goes out in four triangles to the edges from a center point -- look for it).

So this is all for now. And speaking of "now," golf is currently working on a new needlepoint chair seat for her paternal grandfather's rocking chair (he was a sheriff in Arkansas in the late 1800s) -- she already made the needlepoint seat and back for her maternal grandmother's rocking chair. She is a needlepointing fool!

Hopefully the next time I post something, it will be from somewhere . . . . not here! But the only thing golf has planned in the near future is a trip to the Tennessee Mountains for a "sibling retreat" in April. Well, maybe there'll be some kind of photo op . . . . .

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