Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11 -- Ariadne Redux!!

Okay, not the clearest picture in the world (will try to get another one later), but the best Larry could do on short notice. Ariadne has relocated to the stairs between the deck and the patio, where, on one side's railing, we have an Oriental carpet hanging out to wash and dry. Apparently, Ariadne wanted plusher digs than the garden and the house wall. Larry found her this morning when he went out to check on all his orchids outside and the garden -- and found he couldn't walk down the stairs from the deck to the patio without going through her new web! He retired back inside and went outside through the downstairs back door.

Golf is SO HAPPY Ariadne is okay!!!

About mid-afternoon golf emailed Larry from work and asked how Ariadne was doing. Larry responded that he would go check. Upon his return, he reported, "She said she is not real sure her new web was placed correctly, the wind is blowing the rug and she has to keep repairing [her web]. She is now in between the folds of the rug making another one."

We may have to do an intervention to assist her.

Later: Now, here's our girl at 6 p.m. this evening, under the rug to get out of the 94-degree sunlight, we guess. Welcome home, Ariadne!

P.S. After the sun went down, she came out from under the rug and showed off on her web again. Isn't she gorgeous? Click on the pictures for a big view, particularly the second picture below and you can even see all the little hairs on her legs!

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