Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, August 16 -- more Ariadne

Okay, I know you're probably not interested in the daily activities of a spider, but we're having fun tracking it. So put up with it, or don't check in with us until September 15 when we go to Maui.

It rained pretty hard yesterday evening and apparently wiped out Ariadne's web. But you gotta admire her stubbornness and hard work in continuing to re-establish her home. Here's what I found this morning; and when I first moved in close for the pictures, she started pumping the web like crazy, making it rock back and forth. So cute -- though I think she was trying to look tough -- didn't work ;-). Then she ran up to the top, and she tore the web on the way -- now that surprised me, that she damaged her own web so much. Hmmm, I wonder if that is indicative of anything, e.g., she's still building but the strands are weaker?
Above, Ariadne after running up to the top and tearing her web. Note the dew you can see on the web.

Just at the top, will try to get a more focused picture later.
Below, the right upper side of the web.

The lower left side of the web below:

The stabilizer in the middle -- a double zigzag this time:

Lower center shown below:

We would really love to see her DOING all this building, but since she does it at night, we'll probably never see that. Even if we put a spotlight on her, she'd probably freeze and not do anything while the light is on her. May try tonight and see. But then there are a lot of mosquitoes out there . . . . so . . . . maybe not.

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