Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well, here I am at Ko’olau Golf Course.

This was NOT a fun day for golf and Larry. It was dreary, foggy, gray – and though they didn’t get rained on, it wasn’t the best “paradise” day. It was so bad, if they didn’t have pictures of golf at Ko’olau, they don’t even remember what they did this day. Unusual for them, they believe they just stayed at the horse ranch this morning and played on the internet, caught up on email, etc. golf remembers that Michael called to check in and see how they were doing, and she told him they were going to Ko’olau this afternoon.

golf was really looking forward to playing Ko’olau because of what she had read about it, and her game is so pitiful, it couldn’t get much worse. Unfortunately, her one strong point – her drive – did her no good here, because on this course, a good drive (on any other course) got her in trouble here because the fairways don’t “go” where you expect them to go – there are chasms of bushes and trees that will eat up your golf ball and not even burp to give you a hint as to where it got swallowed! And they found it frustrating that they would hit a good shot and see where it landed – they thought! – but when they got to where they had seen the ball land, it couldn’t be found. Both of them lost at least ten of the dozen balls they had bought with Michael at K-Mart on Sunday.
Note Larry's cheerful expression after this tee shot (no, that's not his ball just over his left shoulder or he would be walking in that direction to hit it again -- I think that's a flower petal or a piece of trash).
The arrow below points to a HUGE chasm that you really can't even see from this vantage point, so you think you can drive up close and then hit over it -- maybe it was closer than golf could tell or she had a longer drive than she normally does. Whatever the case, her ball disappeared into it. :-(

Frankly, I think a sunnier, prettier day made have made them more cheerful about the difficulty of this course, but the dreariness of the day just wore them down. For example, this is supposed to be a glorious view. Not on this day . . . .

golf did find some interesting flowers that she couldn’t identify, but she picked some and stuck them in an empty Diet Coke can to bring home and put on the coffee table in the apartment – after she knocked all the ants off them!
But . . . for a day in “paradise,” this was not the best one, okay? So I’m wrapping the report for this day up now. It’s too depressing to continue to contemplate.

More cheerful reports for the next day in Hawaii (Tuesday, September 16), I promise!

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