Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008 -- Sad news . . . .

It makes me very sad for golf to report that she has lost one of her cats to a serious health condition. Now I confess I'm not a big cat fan (did you ever see one at the guesthouse at Robin's Nest? I think not!). But this was a cat with great personality and a terrific sense of fun. He was a sealpoint Himalayan and was "theme" named in a litter all named after Old West characters -- his half-brothers were Virgil, Morgan, and Wyatt (Earp), but he was produced in a succeeding litter so he was Bat (for Bat Masterson, an Earp crony) (Virgil and Wyatt are still around, but I don't know if they're missing Bat or just relishing the extra attention these days, while golf mourns Bat). He was such a forceful personality that he ended up being called Batman most of the time. golf is still broken-hearted and missing his presence sorely. So in his honor, I'll take a break from talking about myself and let him usurp this day's post. Here's to you, Batman! (and even golf admits that sometimes he might not have been as graceful as most cats are. But she says, if you have cats, you know they can look really foolish sometimes -- and have the confidence not to be embarrassed!)

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