Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 -- Snow in Atlanta!

golf leaves work this afternoon to drive home - and it starts snowing -- in Atlanta!!

Fortunately, I'm there to witness the event.

But look again closely at the picture above -- see what's playing on the XM radio receiver?

It looks as though it's letting up here, but it's really not.

Still coming down, huge 1-inch flakes.

Okay, I missed being there for pictures on the beach in St. Thomas --

but snow in Atlanta is a little more unusual!

Will report more tomorrow. The potential for overnight is . . . .

more snow . . . .

or sleet turning into ice . . . .

or rain to melt everything (bummer . . . .)

But if it freezes overnight, we might have some more entertaining pictures.

Stay tuned!

(However, if there's more snow/ice tomorrow, I'm REALLY
NOT going to appreciate if golf sticks me outside for pictures barefooted!

Sigh . . . .

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