Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19, 2008 -- More Snow!

It was just raining this morning. The weather reports kept saying it was going to turn to snow and snow all afternoon. This first picture was taken as the snow started to accumulate.

Then golf's mean streak came out, and she stuck TC and me out here in the snow with no winter gear (well, why would we have winter clothes in Hawaii?) Yow, my bare feet are cold!

The neighborhood kids were out in force. They built a snowman in the middle of the road (I provided a carrot for the nose), but then the lady who lives next door told them she would call the police on them if they didn't knock it down. They did, and since we had provided a nose, they came and asked if we had a shovel to move the snow out of the street. We did, but we also requested that, since they had messed up the pristine appearance of our front yard, would they rebuild the snowman in our front yard. They did, and golf gave the snowman (named "Phil" since he was too white to be Tiger) a golf club.

It's a good thing golf got these pictures when she did, because an hour and a half later, some other neighborhood kid(s) decided that something cute just has to be destroyed (why do kids these days think it's cool to ruin something that isn't even theirs?), so Phil was knocked down and broken all over the yard. I suppose we should be grateful that only his hat and ping-pong ball eyes were taken. At least, the kid(s) didn't steal the golf club.

However, the temperature, according to our thermometers, never got below 34 degrees today, so all the pretty snow is melting. According to the weatherpersons, the temperature is supposed to go way below freezing come evening, so what is left will freeze solid, but it would appear that there won't be much left to freeze. Island Hoppers continued to gather a bit of snow on it, but it is also melting fast. I'd hoped to get some big icycles hanging down from the tail, but the snow is melting too fast. Pictures below are from a couple of hours ago. The snow is now melted entirely off the rotors and tail boom.

It was still spitting a few flurries until just a few minutes ago. But now even that has stopped.

Well, it was pretty and fun for a while. I'm just sorry Phil the Snowman didn't even make until when Larry comes home around 11:30 p.m. so he could see the golfing snowman in our front yard when he pulled up and into the driveway, to have his headlights wash over Phil. Alas, that is not to be. I guess that'll teach us to be the only honkies in the neighborhood . . . .

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