Friday, November 23, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving: That's when golf gets serious about Christmas decorating.
I assisted with the lighted "bow swags" for the windows. When it gets dark, I'll add pictures of how the house looks with the all the lights, etc.

Here's the Santa's Helicopter that Larry got for golf last Christmas. To figure out its size, I'm 12" tall, so you can see how many times I would have to lie down in a straight line to measure it nose to tail -- so it's nearly 6 feet long and just under 4 feet tall. It's now hanging on the front of the house. You'll see it when I post a picture of the house all lit up, after dark. Larry usually teases golf about her Christmas decorating, but this afternoon, after helping her get the house "trimmed," he admitted that he was thinking about what else could be done to make the house even tackier!!
When golf gets a few more little MD500 helicopter toys (purchased on eBay) painted to look like Island Hoppers, I'll post pictures of all the Ferrari 308 GTSes and IH helicopters she's using as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

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