Friday, August 13, 2010

August 11 -- Jamaica, mon!

Here we are at Club Ambiance in Runaway Bay in Jamaica. The views along our "boardwalk":

Larry and golf tried snorkeling on both sides, but it was murky on the left (east) side, so they took most of their videos while snorkeling on the right (west) side.
Takes forever to upload a video on this Blogger site, so golf put it on youtube. Cut and paste this to see their snorkeling video.

Below is the outside veranda where we ate almost every meal -- the spiral staircase is to one of the "honeymoon suites" above the restaurant.

One view off the balcony of our room, another honeymoon suite, but at the west end of the complex. The "hut" at the end of that pier in the distance is the Legend's Bar, which was never open while we were there, because there were only about 25 guests there during our two-day stay -- it was pretty quiet and certainly not crowded! But after dinner each evening, golf and Larry went out to that hut and sat there and enjoyed the fresh air -- all by themselves at a Caribbean resort. Rather nice, actually . . . .
and the room itself:

The "people-size" (??) chess board where golf and Larry had to walk around to move the pieces. Let me say that Larry won the first game and golf won the second one. At that point, they decided to call it a draw.

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