Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010 -- "Lonely" Bettas

To understand this post, you need to understand that golf has a phobia about keeping the house "over-heated" (over 66 degrees F) in the winter. Atlanta has had an exceptionally cold winter this year (if you haven't seen all the news reports!). Her bettas are just in bowls normally kept on the kitchen bar/counter. However, that area is pretty chilly in the house, and, ideally, bettas are supposed to be in water that is 82 degrees F. Not golf's poor bettas! They have to learn to adapt to cold water or perish. Well, the bedroom where the goldfish tank is stays a lot warmer (due to the architecture of the house), so golf moved the bettas (in their vases) into the bedroom beside the goldfish tank. When Larry saw them in their new location after he got home from work that night around midnight, he then sent golf an email at work the next day, asking if she had moved the bettas to be beside the goldfish tank because she thought they were "lonely" and needed company! Cracked her up! She guessed he wasn't aware how cold the little buggers were! Here they are in their "warmer" climes (with a couple of the goldfish showing behind them, as distorted by the curvature of the betta vases):

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