Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, September 13 -- Prepping for Maui

We are packing for Maui!!! We were scheduled to go out Monday, September 14, but remember golf and Larry are flying standby and all those annoying business travelers have already booked up (actually OVERbooked!) ALL the flights from ATL-LAX on Monday morning. So golf and Larry have decided to leave Tuesday instead, when available seats seem (at least right now) to be more attainable. In the meantime, they continue to pack their one-carryon-each and the golf bags. Here I am in Larry's bag -- however, do note that the fabric with the palm trees showing behind me is one of golf's dresses wrapped around her snorkel mask -- typical female, she ran out of room in her bag.
Here I am in golf's bag -- along with Virgie, whose curiosity was cat-typical about what was going on while golf was allowing me to crawl into the bag.

Here is golf's golf bag, all packed up. I think it is not a good idea to plan for this mode of transportation for myself.

Can I stow away here?

Or here?

Probably not . . . . I think I'll settle for being stashed in golf's tote bag.

Virgie! Will ya cut it out? golf is trying to get a picture of MOI!

Yes, it is her tote bag from St. Thomas . . . .
Okay, Virg, it's all yours . . . . You stay here and hog the camera. I'll go to Maui -- ha!

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