Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our trip to Riu Merengue, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Larry and golf decided on another trip! Yea! And, of course, golf insisted I come along. Fortunately, Larry is very tolerant . . .

We had a great time on the beach, and I particularly enjoyed the seagrape trees that lined the beach.
You'll see in the slideshow below that I was spotted while climbing the tree and it seems that I really amused one guy -- or else he was laughing at golf . . . .
I also sneaked out of the bag golf had me in and crept up on Larry (and his beer!) before I went out and sat on the beach -- and got caught in the surf.

Don't know where or when our next trip will be -- maybe Hilton Head or better yet Maui! Haven't been to Maui. Actually I haven't been to Hilton Head either, but I'd rather go to Maui (so would golf!).

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