Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wednesday, September 17 -- Last Day :-(

It is a very sad thing to wake up one morning and realize it is your last day in paradise. The flight golf and Larry needed to catch left at 1:10 p.m., so they didn't have a lot of time to do much this morning. Fortunately golf had done most of the packing up the night before, because she wanted to make one more pilgramage to the tidal pool this morning, and Larry agreed to go with her because they could snorkel at the beach a little northwest of the tidal pool, where they had briefly snorkeled before. So they gathered their gear and headed toward south Waimanalo Beach.

When they arrived and parked, they walked down to the beach to check out the conditions. There was a local fisherman there, pulling on his wading boots. When he found out they were planning on going in the water, he advised that they might want to reconsider or be very careful because a 15-foot tiger shark had been spotted off Waimanalo Beach on Tuesday (the day before). Since golf had not be able to snorkel the day before at Pupukea Beach, she still wanted to go snorkeling today in spite of the cautionary reminder. She went back to the car to get her equipment.

When she got back to the beach, Larry was nowhere to be seen! Frankly, golf had gotten the impression from him that he wasn't the least bit interested in seeing the tidal pool, but there was nowhere else from him to have gone, so she traipsed around the wall, wading a bit (it wasn't full low tide) and found him there. "This place is a dump!" He was appalled at the condition that the estate was in. Nevertheless, when golf pulled out the video camera, he said he wanted to shoot the movies, so she turned the camera over to him.

The Tidal Pool

While Larry filmed, golf started gathering up little broken pieces of dead coral that were lying around on the beach. Larry stopped filming and asked what in the world she was doing. She told him that she was collecting pieces of coral to take back and offer to the folks on Magnum Mania ( If SHE couldn't have gotten there herself, she would still love to have a piece of broken and worn coral actually FROM there. Larry did his usual eye-roll at golf's antics and continued to film what he could, which wasn't much -- too much foliage to protect Ms. Anderson's privacy. Can't fault her too much, there are many Magnum fans who could present a bit of a problem for her, but for us respectful ones, it's rather sad.

The Boathouse/Guesthouse

Back over at the beach where they parked, golf decided to go in the water to snorkel in spite of the shark warning. Larry said he would watch. golf had a high ole time snorkeling in what she thought was about 3-4 feet of water, not worrying about the shark, because a 15-foot shark couldn't fit into water that shallow without being spotted before he got too close for comfort. However, after she came out and mentioned that to Larry, he told her the water was closer to 15-20 feet deep, not as shallow as she thought, and the shark, if it had still been around, could have very well swum under her before she realized it was there. At that point, golf decided maybe she was glad she was safely out of the water. (But she really didn't think the shark was hanging around just waiting for her -- it was long gone -- well, that's what she convinced herself of).

Back at the ranch, final packing up and heading to the airport. Michael called to check in and see what their schedule was because it was possible that, flying standby, they might not have been able to get on the 1:10 direct flight from Honolulu to Atlanta. Michael told golf to call him from the airport and let him know if they were able to get on the flight. golf agreed to do so, because if they hadn't made that flight, they would have to wait until 10:30 that night for the next flight, and they might have needed a little "entertainment" instead of waiting for 9 hours at the airport. Michael didn't SAY he was willing to come pick them up and take them driving around to MPI filming locations, but golf considered making the request, if they were not able to get on the flight.

However, when they got to the airport, they were able to get on the flight home. golf was rather ambivalent about making the flight. Who wants to leave Hawaii?

So . . . . aloha till the next time! In the meantime, golf intends to expose Larry to a lot more MPI episodes so maybe for the next trip, he may be willing to "explore" and find other filming locations. There are SO many they didn't get to! If you would like to see them on Google Earth, leave me a Comment, and golf can provide the Google Earth "map" that rubberchicken on Magnum Mania created that shows over 300 filming locations from the show.

Life back here on the mainland isn't nearly so entertaining. But I'll try to keep busy with . . . . something or other.

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