Sunday, July 13, 2008

Magnum in Mexico -- MGI Visits Cancun

The lobby of the Coral Ocean and Turquesa.

View from the lobby out over the main swimming pool
with the ocean in the distance.

View of the resort from the lobby (the thatched roof showing at the lower
left is a covered walkway to the distant buildings [we were in the one
the farthest from everything! At least we were able to
"walk off" all the food we ate!])

Below: The "main" swimming pool with the "swim-up" bar (the thatched roof building here is where the pictures further below were taken).

One of the courtyards between the buildings.

Below, view from our room out to the "kiddie pool."

Here I am on the beach under a thatched umbrella (like the one seen in the background) and below that, soaking up some rays.

At the swim-up bar, initially hiding because I was a little worried about how my presence would be accepted.

Starting to come out of hiding (the frozen strawberry margaritas may have had something to do with this . . . .)

Okay, this one's done, gimme another!

Oh, yeah, I need another!

Better do a couple of laps to work off the booze.
Water ballet (nope, guess the booze didn't get "worked off").

It's okay, I'm fine!

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