Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First of all, a follow-up to the last post. The letter sent to Brian Grazer was revised slightly, but it was in essence what was posted here. Unfortunately for us original Magnum, P.I., fans who would prefer the original cast in the movie, when and if it is ever made, both the email and the snail-mail letter were returned to golf. So poor Brian Grazer has no idea of what he needs to do with the movie (according to us). So in honor of Hawaiian sunrises and sunsets, we submit the picture below, taken May 17 but in Atlanta, not Hawaii:

In the meantime, this seems to be the season of home repair and improvement for golf and Larry. You will recall the hot water heater of last month (or was it the month before?). And you may recall the kitchen sink search of a few weeks ago. Well, we had the time today, so -- to work on the new sink.

The old sink, after removal and being placed on the floor.

Me, peeking through the vent at the front panel.

In the area below where the sink was . . .

The hole in the counter where the sink was.
The new one will soon be here.

And here's the new one, just awaiting connections.

Supervising installation.
And I think I'll wait till all is finished before adding any more pictures.

This shows enough mess -- the next pictures will be of a pretty, new, shiny sink!

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