Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7, 2008

golf has been practicing for her hoped-for trip to Hawaii in September! She has arranged to fly a Robinson 44 over Robin's Nest, so she can concentrate on piloting the aircraft and Larry can film from the back seat. Therefore, in anticipation of such activity, she has been practicing flying the R44 in MicroSoft FlightSimulator, plus the Abacus Whirlybirds add-on so she has a R44 to crash (okay, she doesn't crash it ALL the time). She's made a "test" video of learning to pilot this aircraft. You should be able to see it here (oh, yes! Note where the rotors slow down suddenly and then stop -- fortunately the helicopter keeps flying as though there is no problem -- so it turns out okay. But it adds a little "odd" twist to the video, can't explain it, won't try):

Plus a little flight past Robin's Nest, as she hopes to do:

Okay, she'll concede that she's not very good at landing on the "H" of the helipad . . . . but she comes close. So I'm willing to give her a little credit for hanging in there and continuing to try to improve. We'll have to wait and see if we get a better video in a few months.

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