Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 19

golf decided to take a day off today, since Larry was not scheduled to work and it was beautiful here in Georgia -- sunny, a little breeze, and about 80 degrees. Therefore -- to the golf course!!

Needless to say, I went along.

Come on, guys! I'm ready to go.

I'll drive.

Okay, maybe not. . . . I'll just hang around and watch how you two do.

You're doing really poorly, here, guys. How many did you put in the water there?

Finally, golf got a par! They were playing so badly, they were happy if they got pars -- not that there were that many of them . . . . And neither of them managed to eke out one lousy birdie. I'll cut 'em a LITTLE slack as they haven't played golf for a couple of months.

Back to the driving range . . . .

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